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How's your climate for learning?

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Goran Ekvall pioneered a project to quantify the climate for innovation. His study validated "climate for innovation" as a determinant of business success. Ekvall’s work has been further refined and validated by Scott Isaksen and others at the Center for Creative Studies at SUNY-Buffalo. They identified nine dimensions of the climate for innovation, creativity, and learning.

You may want your ministry team to evaluate your innovation and learning climate by looking at these nine dimensions. Rate the team climate on a scale of 1 to five (1-5) with one (1) indicating a small degree and five (5), a large degree. The higher the number the better the learning climate.

1. Challenge: How challenged, emotionally involved, and committed am I to the work?
2. Freedom: How free am I to decide how to do my job?
3. Idea time: Do I have time to think things through before having to act?
4. Idea support: Do I have the resources to give new ideas a try?
5. Trust and openness: Do people feel safe to speak their minds and openly offer different points of view?
6. Playfulness and humor: How relaxed is our workplace? Is it OK to have fun?
7. Conflicts: To what degree do people engage in interpersonal conflict or "warfare"?
8. Debates: To what degree do people engage in lively debate about the issues?
9. Risk taking: Is it OK to fail when trying new things?

Interpreting your total:

Excellent learning climate
Good learning climate
Fair learning climate
14 or less
Poor environment

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*Adapted from The Climate for Innovation by Charles W. Prather which first appeared in the May 1996 issue of R&D Innovator magazine.

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